Does your business need a corporate podcast?

What separates a run-of-the-mill hobby podcast that sounds like it was done around a kitchen table from a slick, polished podcast that stands apart from the crowd, gets noticed, and attracts listeners?

The art of storytelling is as old as humanity. We’ve gone from Paleolithic paintings on cave walls 44 thousand years ago to the expertly produced and edited podcasts of today as a highly effective way to convey compelling and engaging stories about businesses.

Just like anyone could draw on a cave wall back then, podcasting today has become democratized with the technical equipment easily affordable by every business. There is no large barrier to entry, and seemingly everyone is creating a podcast. That is why there are well over a million podcasts available to the general public on just about every topic and interest under the sun on all the major platforms like Apple, Spotify, Google,  Audible, iHeart, Stitcher and dozens more.

Your business wants to do a corporate podcast – what’s the next step?

Many companies are now asking themselves if they should have a podcast? If you are considering a corporate podcast, the first question you should consider is what story does your business want to tell? This is where a podcast production team can meet with you, ask the right questions and really dig into what exactly it is that you want to convey about your business – and what format the podcast should take to deliver its content in the best way possible to make for a highly successful corporate podcast. 

A key factor to think about to help shape that content for a corporate podcast is: who is the desired audience of your podcast? Who do you want to hear it? Is it for the general public to learn about your business and the services you provide, so business-to-consumer is the intention? Or is it aimed at getting more corporate clients for your business so a business-to-business audience of a particular industry sector? Or lastly, is it perhaps a unique internal communications tool for your company’s employees, suppliers, and partners to educate them about your culture, brand, community, and philanthropic work?

Podcast Production Style

The desired content and intended audience dictate the podcast production style. Knowing the intended type of content and the target audience helps frame the proper way to produce the podcast to be the most effective for that content and target audience, including the style of the conversation, storytelling, and how it is edited. Questions such as should it be more like listening to a book on tape where there is one story we are following to a conclusion about the history of your company’s founding around one key pioneering idea or invention and how it got to where it is today? This could be a limited number of episodes such as a limited series. Alternatively, is it a round table conversation asking and answering key questions, giving industry information? This type of style works best with a professional host moderating and may include industry expert guests covering a different topic critical to your business sector.

Answering all of these questions and more is where a professional podcast company like the North Beach Podcast Co’s production team can help. Having industry experts that can spend time learning your objectives and help guide you to the recommended content and style of podcast that perfectly fits what you wish to deliver to your intended audience. We work in partnership with you to professionally produce, edit and deliver a compelling, engaging and entertaining podcast that your audience, whether big or small, will truly enjoy listening to and will tell their industry associates about.  

Does your business need a corporate podcast?