Expanding the North Beach Network

To some, Kelowna is the ideal beach town, to others, it is the small city that has it all. For North Beach Agency, it is a new place for our team to call home. The Okanagan Valley has always attracted tourists and nature-lovers, and our team of media experts are looking to lay down roots and create a base for a thriving enterprise, one campaign at a time.

Kelowna is a one-stop destination for arts, culture and outdoor activity and an experienced digital agency can help to grow businesses of any kind. From creatives to entrepreneurs, a diverse network of clients means our agency is well-versed across platforms and industries.

Hello, Neighbours!

Far from being just another digital media agency, our North Beach Agency makes use of digital marketing strategy and techniques to create impactful campaigns, designed to boost presence and bring brands to the forefront of both their communities and industries. While traditional marketing techniques may be able to reach potential customers within a close radius, more sophisticated digital marketing tactics can cast a wider net.

In an increasingly digital world, it can be difficult to understand the cross-section between whether your brand fits more modern platforms or traditional advertising. In order to create efficient campaigns, our media experts can help to reach business goals by connecting your products and services with your target audience. Targeting ads and strategic ad buying can help to maximize the efficiency of your marketing channels can maximize impact, while stretching your budget.

From Streets to Screens: Be Visible Anywhere

An outbound digital marketing campaign can help to spread the word about your products and services but there should always be a focus on inbound marketing, as well. Ranking well on search engines can help to connect businesses to current and potential customers. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a specialty of North Beach. Ensuring that our clients are easy to find across all platforms and digital channels.

Online marketing needs to be targeted and informative and it also needs to be clear and concise. An expert marketing agency creates state of the art websites and designs as part of an overarching digital advertising campaign. Websites and online ads are a must for any modern business, but it is important not to downplay the importance of a strong social game. Consulting with a social media marketer can help to establish cross platform branding and strategies to help connect and cultivate relationships with customers and other businesses.

Expanding the North Beach Network