Our Story

Why North Beach? Well, it’s pretty simple actually. It started with a dream. Don’t all good stories start that way? This dream was created in our favourite place to dream, a beach called Playa Norte (North Beach) located in Isla Mujeres, in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s in Playa Norte where we sipped margaritas and bounced around crazy ideas about how we could create a marketing agency that was totally different from the rest. 

Salud, let’s begin! We knew our marketing agency needed to incorporate a world-class digital marketing approach together with a proven strategic media buying process. But, how would we also turn the marketing agency world on its head, and turn some heads at the same time? How could we create a one-stop shop for businesses looking for solutions that drive real results? 

Full of guacamole and big plans, we flew home and put our heads down. We looked at what worked for us in the past and began looking for what would work for us in the future. We knew that in order to blow our clients away,  our solutions needed to be rooted in a deep understanding of their business.  We needed to roll up our sleeves, do some digging, and get inspired by those kids that always ask, why? 

Our Story

Next, we needed to build a solid foundation of people. Really good people. Industry specialists with a range of backgrounds and brand experience to bring to the table; a  full service marketing agency. So, we hired people who could connect with our clients and make them feel like they were an extension of their own marketing teams; stakeholders in their business. And with that philosophy, our team was built and is still growing as we grow! We are a team of digital marketing specialists, strategic media buying specialists, brand strategists and a whole bunch of really good solutions-finders. 

Finally, we needed to hone our process. We knew we would always begin with strategy (the digging we mentioned earlier). Next up, the tactical plan, always to be linked back to a measurable goal. Then, we take a pause for evolution so we can notice the world and technology changing around us and pivot if necessary. And lastly, we reserve the right to learn from the results so we can always improve as we move forward. 

Our story is still in the works, and if it sounds like something you want to be a part of, we’d love to talk to you! We are committed to a wholehearted investment in our clients’ success. We welcome a good challenge and would love to celebrate the wins with you. Reach out and tell us your story. 

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How can we help?

Reach out to us today for a free marketing audit and consultation with a member of our team. We will create a marketing audit with opportunities and suggestions from our specialists.

We strive to get our client partners as many quick and early wins as possible, while implementing a strategic foundation for long-term, scalable marketing goals.

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The team at North Beach Agency is always honest and thoughtful with their marketing and strategy recommendations. They take the time to understand the needs of their clients and are easy to work with. We have worked with the North Beach team for years and I can honestly say that Rob has become one of my closest friends outside of our working relationship.

De Dutch

Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing has been a proud collaborative partner with North Beach for over 2 years. The forward-thinking expertise from North Beach has become an essential part of our team's overall strategic direction, intelligent digital marketing, media buying, and a leader in Developing our Corporate Business Leads as well. This is a dedicated team of industry experts, with the best pricing, and the scalability to working on numerous projects at once while staying organized and adapting to constantly changing needs, markets, and solutions. North Beach doesn’t just bring you leads, North Beach brings you business.

Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing

As a law firm for over 30 years, we have provided effective advice and service to thousands of clients to ensure they achieve the best possible outcome. Working with North Beach Agency has provided our team with effective marketing & branding tools and services in radio, TV, and digital marketing. North Beach has helped us to drastically increase our client base and revenues in the past three short years.

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