The Role of Strategy in Marketing

Simply put, your marketing strategy is your long term game plan.

As we all know, every good game plan is based on clearly defined goals. So before you begin thinking about your strategy,  take some time to think about your goals and what success would look like. Goal setting asks, “what are we trying to do here?” Marketing strategy asks, “how are we going to do it?”

Ready, set, goals. 

The best kind of goal setting involves metrics. So decide how you will measure your success. Some examples include: sales increases, new followers on Instagram, larger purchases and new customers.  Next, decide by when you need to achieve these goals.  Would you be able to measure half way through your year to see if you’re on track? How will you know if your plan is working? 

A plan to pave the way

Now that your goals are set and you know what success will look like, how are you going to get there? First you need to take a step back and take a detailed look at what’s going on. This starts with getting to know your business, all over again. Here’s what you really want to ask yourself: 

  • What’s happening in the market? What are the trends, who are the competitors, what is the range of pricing, what’s the demand like? The list could go on and on, remember the details matter here. 
  • What is the competition doing well and where are the opportunities to stand out?  This step should really point out what you need to work on and where you may have a leg up on the competition. 
  • Who is the “best customer” for the product  and what do they need?
  • What does the customer journey look like? How do they find out about us, what steps do they take before they purchase? 
  • Your brand’s position. Who are you to people and why should they care about what you’re offering?
  • Budget – what can you afford to invest? 

It’s a lot of work, we know. But once you’ve taken the time to clearly lay out your research, it’s a lot easier to build a strategic marketing plan designed to reach your target audience in the most efficient and effective way. 

The Beach is that way!

Finding it difficult to know where to start? Don’t worry, we can point you in the right direction! We would love to work with you and your team to develop a strategic marketing plan for your business. We’re ready to sit down, hash out all the details and clearly understand your market, audience, brand and objectives and most importantly, what we need to do! Our tactical ideas, “what we need to do” in other words, will always point back to your goals and your plan. 

If you find this interesting and something you think your business could use some help with, give us a shout and let us know where you want to begin. We’re excited and ready to dig in. 

The Role of Strategy in Marketing