When to Consider a Website Re-Design

For many businesses, a website is the public’s first impression of your business. Something as simple as an outdated design, poor user experience or a messy and inconsistent branding is enough to turn visitors away. In order to keep up with the changing times and a growing business, it is important to consider a re-design and update every 3-5 years.

We sometimes hear the old adage: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. This simple rule of thumb has discouraged business owners from redoing their websites but just because a site is functional, however, does not mean that it is optimal. It is easy to become bored with a site, particularly if you have been dealing with it for months or years. This is why it is important to understand the difference between wanting an update and needing a redesign.

If you are torn between want and need, there are a few things to consider when making your decision:

Do You Have a Cohesive and Professional Design: Trends in web design change just as often as trends in fashion. What might have been at the forefront of design five years ago will not be in style now. The last thing that any business wants is to seem out of touch with the times. When it comes to growing a business, a single website is not enough to create an online presence. Between your initial site, social media and ads, it is important to keep a cohesive voice across the board.

Rate Your Ease of Use and User Experience: Having a clear and concise navigation can mean the difference between a quick peek and an invested visit to your website. Directing users to your site is half the battle, however keeping them engaged is another hurdle that business owners have to deal with. Accessible information leads traffic easily through the entirety of your site by presenting key features clearly. A good website design is able to anticipate the wants and needs of users. When there is a clear direction of where to go next, visits are longer and there is a better chance of follow through with purchases or bookings for service.

Does Your Site Offer Mobile Access: The mobile phone industry is constantly changing. With ever year, there are huge improvements and advancements to systems and abilities. Internet access used to be dominated by desktops, but now, more than half of all internet searches are made from a mobile device. If your site does not translate to mobile platforms, you can wave goodbye to a significant portion of your traffic.

In a competitive marketplace, there is no website that cannot benefit from a redesign every now and then. The best way to get a clear view of the condition and usability of your site is to have someone else give it a look over. Choosing a professional web design service means gaining insight and ideas on how to improve your web presence and grow your business.

When to Consider a Website Re-Design